Day 1: 21st September, 2018 (Friday)
Dr. Sumant Shah Hall
09:30AM - 12:30PM Registration
12:30PM - 01:30PM Lunch
01:30PM - 02:30PM Warm Up Session - Glucose Homeostasis (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Moderator: Dr. Dharmendra Panchal (Ahmedabad)
Chair Persons: Dr. Lotika Purohit (Mumbai)
Dr. Jayesh Trivedi (Ahmedabad)
01:30PM - 01:50PM Understanding the Normal Glucose Metabolism - Clinical Implications Dr. Arvind Gupta (Jaipur)
01:50PM - 02:10PM Direct Links between Hepatic Metabolism of Glucagon Action & Glucose Turnover Dr. Sandeep Mathur (Jaipur)
02:10PM - 02:30PM Manipullating Alpha Cells in Clinical Practice Dr. Krishna Seshadri (Chennai)
02:30PM - 03:30PM Match after Metformin - Refocus on older OADs (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Moderator: Dr. Pratap Jethwani (Rajkot)
Chair Persons: Dr. Divya Saxena (Sonepat)
Dr. Deepak Dantara (Ahmedabad)
02:30PM - 02:50PM Sulphonylurea Spin Dr. Rakesh Sahay (Hyderabad)
02:50PM - 03:10PM Glitazone Googly Dr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
03:10PM - 03:30PM AGI - An Extra Ball Dr. Navneet Shah (Ahmedabad)
03:30PM - 04:00PM Dia Care Gold Medal Oration
Chair Persons: Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)
Dr. O. P. Gupta (Ahmedabad)
03:30PM - 04:00PM Practice Changing User Friendly Diabetes Technologies - New for 2018 and beyond Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)
04:00PM - 04:30PM Dr. Shrenik Shah Memorial Lecture
Chair Persons: Dr. Anil Kulshreshtha (Ahmedabad)
Dr. B. B. Solanki (Ahmedabad)
04:00PM - 04:30PM Interventions in Diabetic Subset Dr. Lekha Pathak (Mumbai)
04:30PM - 05:30PM Guest Lectures (18 mins Lecture + 2 mins Discussion)
Chair Persons: Dr. Y. Sadashiv Rao (Vijaywada)
Dr. Pratap Jethwani (Rajkot)
04:30PM - 04:50PM Diabetes Prevention Strategies: Is it really possible? Dr. Jakko Toumilehto (Finland)
04:50PM - 05:10PM Controversies on Hypoglycemia & it's association with CVD Risk Dr. Simon Heller (UK)
05:10PM - 05:30PM Beyond Glucocentrism CV perspective of Diabetes Management Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan (Pune)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Dr. Sumant Shah Oration
Chair Persons: Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Navneet Shah (Ahmedabad)
05:00PM - 05:30PM Transfat Elimination Dr. A. Muruganathan (Thirupur)
06:00PM - 06:30PM Keynote Address
Chair Persons: Dr. Asha N. Shah (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Rima Rao (Rajkot)
06:00PM - 06:30PM Sleep, Diabetes Prevention and Workplace Productivity Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
06:30PM - 08:00PM Inauguration
08:00PM - 10:00PM Inaugural Dinner at Tinello Lawn
Day 1: 21st September, 2018 (Friday)
Dr. B. B. Trivedi Hall
01:30PM - 04:30PM ZAP Workshop on Diabetic Foot - UDF Initiative
Moderator: Dr. Pramod Menon (Ahmedabad)
Dr. Viral Raj (Ahmedabad)
01:30PM - 01:45PM Introduction to Diabetic Foot Dr. Ami Sanghavi (Mumbai)
01:45PM - 02:05PM Identification of High Risk Foot & History Taking Dr. Abhijit Jadhav (Mumbai)
02:05PM - 02:25PM Clinical Examination of Foot Dr. Shefali Karkhanis (Mumbai)
02:25PM - 02:50PM Surgical Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Dr. S. Srinivas (Hyderabad)
02:50PM - 03:25PM Minor Foot Procedures in a Physician's Clinic Dr. APS Suri (New Delhi)
03:25PM - 03:50PM Offloading & Footwear in Management of Diabetic Foot Dr. Vibhakar Vachhrajani (Rajkot)
03:50PM - 04:05PM Supportive Measures to Prevent Diabetic Foot Dr. Mayura Kale (Aurangabad)
04:05PM - 04:20PM Establishing a Diabetic Foot Clinic Dr. Rajnish Saxena (Ajmer)
04:20PM - 04:30PM Discussion